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Healthcare IT | Government | Industry News | Future proofing

By: Angela Myers
November 18th, 2022

It’s no secret that we’re on the verge of another recession. The only debate is if it has already arrived or if it will arrive in the next six months. While most of the headlines right now are about tech layoffs and a lack of venture capital for startups, the recession will impact every industry, including healthcare.

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Ophthalmology | AAO | Events & Trade Shows | Future proofing

By: Nextech
October 4th, 2022

Team Nextech is back from the American Ophthalmology Association conference after three productive days in Chicago, Illinois at McCormick Place for #AAO2022. The saying, “we came, we saw, we conquered,” couldn’t ring truer.


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Ophthalmology | Plastic Surgery | Compliance | Dermatology | Healthcare Technology | Features | cures act | Future proofing

By: Nextech
August 22nd, 2022

Fall is upon us, and while we love seeing the foliage, going apple picking, carving pumpkins, and watching college football — Nextech has its eye on something else this coming season: future proofing your practice.