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6 Reasons Why Cloud Technology is Good for Specialty Practices

By: Nextech | July 13th, 2016

6 Reasons Why Cloud Technology is Good for Specialty Practices Blog Feature

Every cloud has a silver lining.

For specialty practices, trying to keep pace with a rapidly evolving industry that entails increased data and security demands, cloud-based services offer many advantages. Ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of protected health information is increasingly important in light of greater demands for data sharing and interoperability of patient records.cloud_solutions.jpg

Minimal investment

Cloud computing cuts costs. Forget the stress and cost of set up and management. With cloud-based systems, practices can use sophisticated hardware and software while lowering upfront, maintenance and training costs.

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Maintenance free

If anything should go wrong, such as the internet going down or servers crashing, your practice isn’t waiting for a technician to come out. Plus, your software is always up to date, since we regularly take care of updates for you.

Highly secure

When it comes to EMRs, keeping patient data safe and private is mission critical. With cloud-based servers, there’s no worry about system failures or downtime, and patient information is subject to the same privacy regulations as traditional health records. In addition, data stored within the cloud is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access of protected patient information.  


Cloud computing gives providers access to client information virtually wherever and whenever they need it. Whether off site or at another location, specialty providers can view and edit data from any location. And with new mobile apps, you’re not restricted by which device you have at hand.


A cloud-based system also makes data sharing across practices and enterprises easier and more efficient, enhancing interoperability. Specialty physicians and staff can access and share documents at anytime from anywhere, improving visibility and collaboration.

Grows with your practice

Specialty practices like ophthalmology and dermatology see many patients in a short period of time. The flexibility of cloud-based systems allows for new patients, users and locations to be added quickly and efficiently. The cloud allows your system to expand as your practice grows.

On the surface, client-server and cloud-based systems may not seem very different. After all, both are run on secure mainframes. But one is in-house while the other is off-site in an infrastructure maintained by a third-party vendor and is accessible via the internet. However, with all these advantages, including greater security, privacy and accessibility at a fraction of the cost of an office-based system, switching to the cloud is not just good for the business of specialty practices, but also for patients.

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