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Are Slow Lead Response Times Costing You New Patients?

By: Nextech | June 8th, 2021

Are Slow Lead Response Times Costing You New Patients? Blog Feature

Slow lead response times could be resulting in lost patients, and as a result, lost opportunities for future revenue. In fact, one study found that the odds of even being able to contact a potential lead decrease by over ten times in the first hour. In this blog, we will take a look at the importance of prompt lead response times and illustrate how failure to maintain them could be costing your practice new patients (and the future sales revenue that comes with them).

The odds of even being able to contact a potential lead decrease by over ten times in the first hour

Slow Response Time = Lost Lead Opportunities

According to research, practices should be doing everything they can to reduce response times for sales leads. The longer it takes to respond, the less likely that the contact will lead to a successful conversion. To maximize the potential of a new lead scheduling a consultation, your practice should be making every effort to call new leads within 21 minutes. The faster you call a lead, the higher the likelihood of them becoming a patient. In fact, the same research shows that calling a lead within 21 minutes will give you a 65 percent higher lead-to-consult conversion rate when compared to practices that wait three hours to call back new leads.

This research also supports the idea that practices should be making a total of seven touches per lead before giving up on them (at least three of these touches should be done via outbound calls, manual text messages or emails). Automated messages are useful, and there is nothing wrong with using them, but they absolutely should not be the only communication your leads are receiving from your practice. Never underestimate the power of “personal touch.” Studies also show that practices that consistently followed up with new leads at least three times had a 45 percent higher conversion rate.

MyMedLeads: Put Your Lead Nurturing and Patient Outreach on Autopilot

MyMedLeads is a Nextech-owned tool that is designed to address common lead management pitfalls faced by the medical industry. It auto-captures leads from virtually any source, immediately alerts staff and tracks response time. The system generates follow-up lists and daily to-do items for reps and sends automated email campaigns to leads that have not yet converted into patients.

To learn more about how Nextech’s MyMedLeads tool can significantly improve lead conversion for your practice, fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you shortly!