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Avoiding a security scandal in your practice [VIDEO]

By: Nextech | May 12th, 2015

Avoiding a security scandal in your practice [VIDEO] Blog Feature
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Security breaches are likely to be at the forefront of your concerns when it comes to managing your practice. Still, you may not be doing everything in your power to avoid them. Take a look at these helpful tips for managing your practice's security.

According to HealthCare IT News, more than one third of all large medical data breaches since 2009 have been caused by unencrypted devices being lost or stolen. In order to promote security, ensure that all of your practice's devices are encrypted.

Additionally, Power Your Practice has recommended doing as much as possible to ensure that old, outdated computer equipment is disposed of properly. This will typically involve wiping the device and arranging for a special pickup.

Above all else, being aware of where your data is stored will help you avoid breaches.