Nextech Named 2024 Best in KLAS: Ambulatory Specialty EHR


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Best Practices | Patient Payments | Security | Financial Management

By: Hannah Celian
July 2nd, 2024

Embezzlement within healthcare practices may be more prevalent than you realize, and the consequences of ignoring appropriate security measures can be severe. Medical Group Management Association surveyed nearly 1,000 medical practices and 83% reported being victims of embezzlement at some point in their operation. International Business Machines Corporation also reported in 2021 that healthcare breaches cost $9.23 million per incident — a $2 million increase over the previous year.

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Patient Payments | Payments

By: Nextech
June 20th, 2024

Between providing care and managing a practice, it may feel like there’s no time left to fine-tune your workflow — especially for more delicate interactions such as patient payments. Now, CareCredit and Nextech work together to help streamline those patient payments, so that you can focus on getting your patients to “yes.” Try these four strategies to help you have better cost conversations in your practice.


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Patient Payments | Patient Care | Technology & Innovation | Payments

By: Nextech
December 1st, 2023

Technology has advanced at an accelerated speed over the past 20 years. The internet powered up in 1983, in 1992 we saw the first smartphones, and in 1998 Google started its journey to becoming both noun and verb. And now as we witness the emergence of artificial intelligence, we can only imagine how our lives — and work — will change in the next two decades.