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5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Ophthalmology EHR

By: Angela Myers | March 23rd, 2023

5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Ophthalmology EHR Blog Feature

It’s the beginning of one of the busiest days yet in your ophthalmology practice. Instead of being frazzled over the large patient load, your team comes in, relaxed, and at ease. They turn on the practice’s new ophthalmology EHR and prepare for the day. As patients come in, each one gets amazing care, billing happens in the background, and no one has to wait too long to see the doctor. At the same time, a cyber hacker tries to steal your practice’s medical information but fails, thanks to your EHR’s cloud-based security.  

If you’re currently using an outdated electronic health record system (EHR) or keeping track of records in paper files, this could seem like a fantasy. Yet for many ophthalmology practices, it’s a reality, thanks to Nextech’s updated EHR. Here are five changes you can expect when you update your system:  


You will increase efficiency and productivity 

Improved efficiency and productivity are two of the most cited benefits of upgrading an EHR system—and for good reason. Without an upgraded system, you’re more likely to have patient records in multiple places, have to manually bill insurance companies, and complete tedious office tasks, such as entering in patient health insurance to your EHR and your billing system manually.  

An updated ophthalmology EHR provides seamless integration, meaning there’s one hub where you enter information.  

An updated EHR also creates legible and complete documents that you can locate with one click of the finger—ok, sometimes it takes a bit of typing and one click of the finger, but if you’re already logged into Nextech’s EHR, it never takes longer than 10 seconds to locate a chart summary.  

Because you have an improved workflow and fewer repetitive tasks, your team has the time and mental capacity to do the work which really matters, such as thinking of new ways to improve marketing efforts or provide better patient care

ophthalmology EHR benefits

Patient transparency will improve 

Speaking of your patients, they will benefit from a new ophthalmology EHR and PM system too. An upgraded system makes it easier for patients to access their own medical records.  

Once they log in to the Patient Portal Nextech app, they can access medical papers without calling your office or coming in to ask your staff for help in person.  

You also have the option to share information with other clinicians too. If you have a patient whose primary care doctor wants their ophthalmology records, you can make a note in that patient’s files and set up an automation to send records after each visit without your team manually pressing send. 

Patients will receive better care  

It’s easy to see the direct correlation between a new EHR and more accessible records for patients. But what about receiving better care in the office? At first glance, an updated EHR and better patient care might not seem related, but many offices that have switched to Nextech have reported higher patient satisfaction.  

We’ve already discussed all the time your office will save once the EHR is doing tedious office tasks for you. With that extra time, your team can devote more attention to your patients. You can cultivate a seamless, efficient experience where patients feel supported from the moment they enter your office—and your EHR can tackle all the tedious tasks to set up that experience.  

ophthalmology EHR security

Your practice will have stronger cybersecurity  

An updated ophthalmology EHR makes staying compliant easy. For example, Nextech ensures you’re Cures Act compliant. But compliance isn’t the only benefit—we also make sure your data is safe and secure.  

If you have a locally hosted system, your practice is responsible for keeping that data safe. With a cloud-based EHR system, like the one from Nextech, you have a world-class IT department keeping your data safe instead. 

You can save money by going green   

2023 can be the year you go paperless. With an EHR, you cut back on your paper and ink consumption and will use your printer less often. As a paperless office, you are greener—both in terms of environmental impact and saving money through less paper, ink, and printing expenses.  

A future of increased productivity, improved patient care, better cybersecurity, and going green is one decision away. You can choose that future today by scheduling a free Nextech demo. Let’s work together to elevate your ophthalmology practice!   

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