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EHR Usage Rates State-by-State

By: Nextech | November 19th, 2015

EHR Usage Rates State-by-State Blog Feature

Ever wonder what state uses an electronic health record the most?

Well, now we know.

A survey conducted by Black Book Market Research analyzed how many medical practices -- of any size, specialty and location -- utilized their "EHR beyond basic functionalities" in each state.usa-mapOut of all 50 states, Iowa comes away with the top figure.

The Hawkeye State recorded an 84.5 percentage usage rate of EHR capabilities in 2014. Following close behind Iowa was Massachusetts (84 percent), Oregon (83.9 percent), Minnesota (83.8 percent) and Rhode Island (83.5 percent).

As for the bottom group, North Dakota earned the distinction of having the lowest EHR usage rate with 20.6 percent in 2014. West Virginia was nearly identical with 20.7 percent. New Mexico (25.3 percent), South Carolina (25.6 percent) and Louisiana (27.8 percent) rounded out the bottom five.

According to the results, the average usage rate for the entire country was 51.6 percent. Only 19 states record usage rates above the average.

Unsurprisingly, these numbers represent a large increase from 2013. A year ago, Iowa was once again the top state for advanced EHR usage, but only with a 42 percentage rate. All in all, the average advanced EHR usage rate approximately 20 percent lower in 2013 at 31.8 percent and only 11 states fell above the average rate.

Click here to view each state's EHR usage rate in 2014.

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