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EMR Leads to Quicker and More Accurate Results

By: Nextech | February 10th, 2015

EMR Leads to Quicker and More Accurate Results Blog Feature
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In today's world, doing something faster doesn't always yield great results. For instance, you can order fast food in no time, but you may end up getting an average sandwich with very little nutritional value. But the complete opposite is true when it comes to electronic medical records. Nextech EMR software can help your practice get things done faster, while providing even more accurate patient care. Here are a few ways that EMR​ can improve your practice:

Prescribe quickly with reduced errors
Instead of writing out prescriptions, your practice can use the EMR system to draft and renew orders. With just the touch of a screen, patients can be prescribed the proper medication. When physicians order medication, they're able to see any and all information that may be pertinent to the patient, such as past medical history and any allergies to specific drugs they might have. Looking at a paper chart, it may be easy to miss this crucial information.

"Records can be electronically transferred to each department in no time, leading to faster and more accurate patient diagnosis."

Communicate with various specialties
Sometimes, it's necessary for patients to see a variety of physicians in different specialties in order to be properly diagnosed. Trying to communicate with various departments isn't only time consuming, there's a lot of important information that could be missed along the way. However, thanks to EMR, your practice could instantly improve communication. The records can be electronically transferred to each department in no time, leading to faster and more accurate diagnosis. No department will have to play catch-up on the patient's history, as their past surgeries, allergies and other health issues will be listed out right in the EMR.

Quickly order and review lab results
Patients often have to wait a long time for their lab results to be sent in and reviewed, but not with EMR. The process is quick and streamlined. Plus, electronic lab results don't get lost. Paper charts, however, can easily go missing. In fact, according to the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee, 20 percent of lab tests actually have to be re-ordered because the original studies cannot be found.

Physicians can also quickly and easily access this lab information when they're attempting to make a diagnosis with EMR. They don't have to communicate back and forth with different departments in order to find these lab results.

Clearly read prescriptions and notes
Not everyone's handwriting is perfectly legible, and this can end up leading to many careless mistakes. One physician could misread another physician's notes, causing an inaccurate patient diagnosis. But with EMR, legibility is never an issue. Each and every letter, number, word or sentence in lab results and prescriptions is typed out clearly and accurately, saving your practice time and preventing many potential errors.

Electronic lab results could lead to fewer errors and faster diagnosis.Electronic lab results could lead to fewer errors and faster diagnosis.

Receive reminders
EMR can also help improve patient safety, as it provides reminders of when preventative services or tests are overdue. This information could easily be overlooked on a paper chart, but the EMR software will provide you with an alert, making sure that each and every patient is getting the timely tests they need to be properly diagnosed.