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Fall in Love with Your EHR & Practice Management System

By: Jennifer Gibson | February 12th, 2021

Fall in Love with Your EHR & Practice Management System Blog Feature

Valentine’s Day is here. This annual tradition is intended as a celebration of love. Because when you are in love, the whole world seems wonderful. The sun shines brighter. Flowers are more fragrant. Food even tastes better. When you are stuck in a bad relationship, however, it can turn your whole world upside down… and not in a good way.

This is very similar to a practice’s relationship with its EHR and Practice Management (PM) systems. When things are good, your workday goes smoothly, and you have more time in your day for the things that matter. When it’s a toxic relationship, every day can be a quagmire of inefficiencies and headaches. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to know whether or not you are truly in love or just prolonging a bad relationship. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a number of things that can tell you when you’re in love (or not in love) with your EHR and PM systems.

Always There for You

Reliability is a great attribute in a significant other. It’s an even better one to find in an EHR and PM vendor. It’s easy to love your vendor when they provide you a top-notch implementation experience and follow it up with responsive, well-trained and US-based team of experts for post-go-live support. You should never feel abandoned. You deserve better than that.

Has an Attractive (Inter)face

Reliability is great, but there definitely has to be some sort of attraction to light the spark of love. For EHR and PM systems, this comes in the form of a well-designed interface that is both attractive to the eye and user friendly. Looks may seem important at first but, of course, they don’t help you have a happy long-term relationship if there is nothing of substance to back them up.

A Good Listener

In any healthy relationship, you need a partner who listens to you. This means finding a vendor that welcomes your feedback and uses it to improve your experience. After all, it takes two to tango. A partnership works both ways, and a vendor who listens to its users is just the kind of partner you should choose.

Allows You to Be Yourself

You shouldn’t have to change for the one you love. They should love you as you are. EHR and PM systems should be no different, providing you with specialty-specific features that are designed to fit your workflows and suited to your practice’s unique needs. You want a system that lets you be who you are, not one that expects you to change.

Doesn’t Hold You Back

Don’t get into a relationship that holds you back or ties you down. The best relationships are between those who give each other the freedom they need, as opposed to being stifling, clingy or controlling. With a cloud-based system, you have the flexibility and freedom you need to work anytime, anywhere.

Helps with Your Finances

It’s always nice to have a significant other who is good with money. This means having a vendor who provides you with all the tools you need to properly manage the financial health of your practice, such as integrated payments, online billing, financial reports and analytics. A true partner helps you get ahead in life, and your vendor should do the same.

Still looking for true love with your EHR and Practice Management system? Nextech is here to help. Fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch to show you what a quality relationship should look like!