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Demonstrate Your Skills & Knowledge with Nextech Certification

By: Nextech | January 11th, 2024

Demonstrate Your Skills & Knowledge with Nextech Certification Blog Feature

From the moment you engage with Nextech throughout your entire customer journey, we are deeply committed to your success. As part of our efforts to help your practice truly thrive, we provide comprehensive and continual training. Nextech is the only solution on the market that has a proven role-based, user certification process for EHR/PM software

When you complete a course on Nextech Academy, you earn credentials in the form of a badge that you can display on your LinkedIn profile. 

Badges are issued through digital credential provider Credly. After completing a course and earning a badge, check your inbox for an email from Credly to accept your new certification.

Badge EmailTo make sure you receive your badge notification email, and that it doesn't wind up in your spam folder, add as a Contact or Safe Sender in your email settings. 

Once you click Accept your badge, you'll be asked to create an account and confirm your email. When accepting your first badge, you'll have the option to enable the Auto-Accept feature so that any future badges issued to you by that organization will automatically be displayed on your profile.

Badge AcceptanceAfter you accept your badge, you can share it directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook using the Share options on the Credly platform.
To share, first go to your Dashboard and click into the badge you'd like to share. Next click the Share button at the top of the page, which will bring you to all of the badge share options available.  

Share BadgeIf you click LinkedIn and have not yet linked your Credly account to LinkedIn profile, select "Connect" and you will then be prompted to sign in to your LinkedIn account and grant Credly access.

Note: For more information about these permissions, refer to this related article.

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 11.16.18 AMAfter you connect, you will see options for "Share to Feed" or "Add to profile."  If you prefer to add your badge only to your profile, uncheck "Share to Feed," and vice versa if you want to exclusively share it to your Feed.

Note: When sharing to your Feed, you can include a custom message with a maximum of 1100 characters.

After making your selection, click "Share To LinkedIn." LinkedIn will open in a new window, automatically filling in your badge information.

LinkedIn Add Nextech
If the Issuing organization field is empty, you can manually enter Nextech and LinkedIn will help populate the field.

Note: Please be aware that Credly does not provide credential IDs; this is an optional field and can be left blank. 

Click "Save." A LinkedIn pop-up will appear, asking you to share with your network. Add any additional text and click "Post."

Post to Social

Your badge will now be visible under the "License and Certification" section of your LinkedIn profile, with Nextech's logo displayed next to your badge information. Clicking "Show Credential" will direct viewers from your LinkedIn profile to the badge page within your Credly profile.

Linkedin Credentials

When sharing your badge to your Feed, the badge image itself will be visible.

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