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Let Freedom Ring in the New Year

By: Stephanie Quirindongo | January 10th, 2018

Let Freedom Ring in the New Year Blog Feature

Everyone has some ideal of freedom in their life—liberation from restrictions, stress, work, hardships, barriers, financial burdens, etc.—and what that might feel or look like. For most, it’s a deep sigh of relief, a greater lightness of being or a better way of living.

Freedom is at the heart of most New Year’s resolutions. There is some desire to free ourselves from one way of life and attain another, whether, for instance, it’s to get in better shape, spend more time with family, build better relationships, create more adventure, travel or produce more income.

Freedom for Physicians

Physicians, like all people, have similar visions of being less constricted, but attaining those greater ideals starts within their practice where they spend most of their time. Long before Meaningful Use and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act that drove providers to use technology through incentives or penalties, there were partners in care who set out to achieve greater efficiencies for providers with technology to give them more of the freedom they crave.

That’s how Nextech had its start. We began with a mission to improve lives for specialty physicians. Our long history has given us something unique in the industry: the ability to learn firsthand from that history, build on it and innovate better as a result. Our client dedication, historical wisdom and continual advancements in technology set us apart.

Evolving with the Times

Even we admit that the early days of health care IT were challenging—for us as a company striving to create the best tools and for the physicians and practice staff learning new ways of working with them. However, as needs have changed, we’ve changed. As technology has advanced, we’ve innovated. But one thing has remained constant: our mission to relieve physicians from managing the business of running their practices so they can have more time for patient care and for what matters most in their lives outside of the office. For us that has meant living a culture of care from the inside out to create always-evolving, future-trending technology engineered just for specialty physicians.

At no other time in our 20-year history have we been more excited about achieving our goal with one of the most widely used specialty-specific practice management (PM) solutions that has advanced to a cloud and mobile solution and dermatology-, ophthalmology- and plastic surgery-specific electronic medical record (EMR) systems tied so closely at the hip with our PM that it’s hard to discern where one ends and the other begins. We’ve kept an eye on consumer trends and the bigger picture of patients wanting more involvement in their care and greater interoperability. To meet those demands, we’ve added patient portal, patient engagement and record-sharing to our tightly integrated offerings.

Tools for Better Care

We don’t think our solutions can do only what doctors can: provide better care. Our purpose is to give them the best tools to do just that. And although we don’t make physicians better doctors, we do like to think we’re enhancing lives…together with the providers who are a part of our community of care.

We begin 2018 not so much with a resolution but a rededication to our original mission of creating more freedom for those we serve.