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Let’s Talk Specifics: Electronic Medical Records

By: Nextech | January 13th, 2014

Let’s Talk Specifics: Electronic Medical Records Blog Feature

The push for Electronic Medical Records has been a revolving topic in the healthcare industry for several years. As of August, 2013, more than 400,000 office-based physicians were listed as active registrants in the EHR Incentive Program. With the demand for EHRs increasing, physicians are daunted with the task of sifting through the hundreds of EHR vendors available and choosing the best fit for their practice. This is a tough decision that can directly impact to efficiency and operability of any practice. Zoning in on the specific workflow needs of the office will prove to be fruitful for physicians on the hunt for the right system for their specialty practice.

So, let’s get specific. Regardless of whether a physician is choosing to implement a system for the first time or just looking to increase their return on investment with a current system, it is vital to look at the overall objectives of an EHR solution and how to best optimize its capabilities. Ask yourself, what do I need my system to do? When answering that question, it is important to examine your practice with a critical eye. Take a close look at your office workflow and make a list of areas lacking. Do you need e-Prescribing tools? How about patient reminders, or marketing functions to increase patient volume? The goal is to build an office checklist that will serve as a qualifier for potential EHR choices. Which one will bring the greatest value to your practice? 

Once your list has been made and you have narrowed down your options, it is time to take a look at which software system is best prepared to cater to your specialty. Remember, we’re talking specifics here. To get the best results out of your healthcare technology, it is important that your system of choice have functions unique to your field of practice. Examples of these functions could be Nextech’s Optical Shop for Ophthalmologists or Cosmetic EMR for Plastic Surgeons. Choosing an EHR focused on your specialty will help to ensure your practice is operating with the backing of technology in tune with your day to day operations.

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Now that you know what your office is lacking and you’ve narrowed down your choices based off the needs of your practice, it’s time to make a decision. The final choice should come down to one question: Which system will produce the most value? What will this software give you that the other won’t? It is no secret that implementing an EHR system can come with a stiff price tag. When weighing the financial aspects of healthcare technology, it is important to look at the “value factor.” A software system geared towards your specialty can prove to increase productivity and accuracy in daily functions such as proper coding, patient visit documentation and reporting. Choosing to drill down a multi-specialty software system can require more time than a physician can allow. When making that final decision, make sure it’s one that reflects the demands of your field and is specific to your specialty.

Rated the top specialty-specific software on Medical Economics’ list of Top 100 EHRs, Nextech boasts robust modules centered on specific fields of practice. Catering to the needs of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Ophthalmologists, Nextech equips physicians with templates built to increase productivity and meet the needs of each practice.