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Providers aim for integrated EMR, practice management solutions

By: Nextech | July 2nd, 2015

Providers aim for integrated EMR, practice management solutions Blog Feature

With Meaningful Use, the ICD-10 transition and other changes to the health care industry as of late, many providers are considering big changes to the way they utilize technology. Major concerns range from adapting to exponentially growing amounts of data as well as the shift toward value-based payment models. Perhaps the greatest driver for change, however, is the need to align revenue cycle management and clinical data, thereby improving the operations of the business.

Fully_Integrated.pngTo address this major issue, providers are turning toward integration. As Black Book Rankings announced in a press release, its 2015 survey found that 86 percent of providers intend to deploy a fully integrated electronic health record/practice management solution.

The report reveals that less than one-quarter of small practices feel they're using their practice management software to its full extent. This has sent many providers on a hunt to find an integrated solution that meets their financial needs, as Doug Brown, Black Book's managing partner, explained in the press release.

"Revenue cycle management and integrated EHR vendor loyalty among small practice EHR physician practices is still on a significant upward trajectory," Brown said. "The EHR/practice billing vendor's abilities to meet the evolving demands of interoperability, networking, mobile devices, accountable care, patient accessibility, customization for specialty workflow, and reimbursement are the main factors that the replacement mentality and late adoption remain volatile especially among solo and small practices."

"86% of providers intend to deploy integrated EHR/practice management solutions."

The 2015 user poll, which surveyed about 33,000 physician practice administrators, health care records professionals and ambulatory group leaders, asked these professionals to name the top-performing integrated solution. Among the short list was Nextech, which offers a fully integrated EMR system aimed at soothing pain points among plastic surgeons, dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of integrated EHR and practice management, though often overlooked, is the effect on profitability. As the report states, 80 percent of practices surveyed forecast a decline in profit through 2017, largely the effect of ineffective billing and records as well as reduced reimbursements. The belief is that integrated solutions, by streamlining and simplifying operations, can solve these problems and boost profitability.

Along with supporting improved efficiencies in terms of operations, this integrated solution can address other major issues of concern among the health care industry, including quality reporting and population health management.