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Questions to Ask Before Choosing an EHR

By: Nextech | November 25th, 2013

Questions to Ask Before Choosing an EHR Blog Feature

Choosing an Electronic Healthcare Records is potentially the most important decision a practice can make today. Finding the right EHR to meet your needs can require a great deal of effort and research for the doctor or practice administrator charged with the task. It is important that every practice take pause and consider a few questions before making their initial investment. What will life be like after go-live, how stable is the software vendor, what is ongoing support and training like and how specific does it meet the needs of my practice?

Does this EHR meet the needs of my practice?

So, you’ve taken the time to shop around and you’ve even sat through a few demos. You’ve managed to narrow your options down to those you are most impressed with but now it is time to make a decision. The first question a physician should ask themselves is, does this software offer me everything my practice currently needs? Choosing an EHR without conducting a tit-for-tat comparison of its capabilities versus the needs of your practice could end up costing you a ton of time and money in the long run. It could also put you back at square one if you decide to ditch the software and upgrade to one that better suits your practice.

Nextech has more than 17 years of experience as a leading provider of EMR and Practice Management software. Through its modular-based system, Nextech offers doctors the ability to specifically choose which features they want and need to optimize their workflow and enhance the patient experience. Nextech’s highly customizable software is designed to fit each individual physician’s workflow to produce the best patient care.


Nextech EHR

Is the software specialty-specific?

This is a big one! A specialty-specific EMR and Practice Management system can not only save you time, but also serve as a more user-friendly interface than a generic system. EHRs built with a specific specialty in mind are better equipped to cater to the direct needs for your field of practice. Physicians are able to tap into the convenience of charts, notes and decision support capabilities with software built to revolve around their practice workflow.

Nextech offers a specialty-specific, fully integrated approach to EMR and Practice Management. Physicians are guaranteed a logical approach to their workday with the assurance that their healthcare technology is tailored to their specialty. With the options of choosing between ready-made templates or performing customizations, physicians backed by Nextech are given the advantage of a comprehensive software solution.

What is the training and implementation process?

You’re pretty much positive of which EHR system is the right one for your practice but … who’s going to set it up? A proper implementation process is the fundamental to a successful healthcare IT experience. Before signing the dotted line, make sure you have a clear understanding of how implementation will work as well as how long it will take. In addition to setting up the software, how will your staff be trained on the product? Will a representative physically visit the office or will training take place over the phone? Remember, the software is of no real value unless you and your staff are properly equipped to operate it. 

Nextech’s team of EMR highly-skilled trainers are dedicated to setting your practice up with the necessary tools to get moving with EHR on the right track. Physicians new to Nextech are assigned a qualified team of implementation professionals tasked with uniquely tailoring Nextech to each practice’s needs. From onsite to virtual or pre-recorded resources, Nextech is designed with your practice in mind. 


To find out more about getting your practice up and running with the power of Nextech, contact us or call (813) 425-9200 to speak to an Account Manager.