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Tera Roy

Vice President of Business Development

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By: Tera Roy
August 25th, 2023

For several generations, women have stood as silent champions in ocular pathology, physiologic optics, research, and worldwide ophthalmology. While written records might not consistently applaud them, they've always shined from behind the curtains. In 1904, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) welcomed its inaugural female member. Legend has it that her immediate response was, “About time!”

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Ophthalmology | Regulatory & Compliance | Healthcare Technology

By: Tera Roy
June 17th, 2019

There is a tug of war underway in healthcare, and physicians are sitting squarely in the middle. On one side, patients are demanding providers’ attention and expertise to address often complex medical conditions. On the other, there are evolving regulatory requirements, such as those found in the 2019 Quality Payment Program (QPP), which requires providers to regularly submit detailed measures of quality, cost, interoperability and more. As a result of the constant push and pull, physicians are becoming increasingly frustrated and disheartened. Most entered the profession to treat and care for patients, however, they are becoming sidetracked as they try to effectively demonstrate their performance to receive adequate reimbursement.


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Security & Data Management | Healthcare Technology

By: Tera Roy
November 15th, 2018

The term “cloud” gets tossed around a lot these days as software providers talk about their “cloud-based” offerings and their technology that “sits on the web.” However, there are some common misconceptions surrounding this concept that warrant clarification. As specialty providers look to upgrade their technology solutions, they should make sure they fully appreciate what it means to be in the cloud and how that can impact their functionality, efficiency and performance.

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Healthcare Technology

By: Tera Roy
September 19th, 2018

Physician burnout continues to be a problem for the healthcare profession. According to a recent Medscape survey, 42 percent of physicians report burnout, and nearly half of those reporting experience it frequently. Not only is this concerning in terms of physicians’ well-being, but also because of the issue’s potential downstream ramifications. When physicians are dissatisfied and overwhelmed, they may not be at their best during patient encounters, and interactions with colleagues may also be affected. As a result, if left unchecked, this crisis in physician health could have wide-ranging impacts on patient care.