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Benefits of EHR mobility in healthcare

By: Brian Gennusa | June 25th, 2015

Benefits of EHR mobility in healthcare Blog Feature
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The benefits of implementing an electronic health record (EHR) are obvious for medical practices, enabling a streamlined information throughout the office. It's now possible for healthcare organizations to effectively send information through EHRs when and where they want. And there is no more perfect example of this than the use of mobile technology to get data to medical practitioners on the go. Mobile sharing is gaining popularity in medicine as a way to improve patient care without sacrificing efficiency.

The effects of mobile sharing
The most effective way to measure the impact of mobile sharing is to look at how the medical practitioners are utilizing it. According to a recent survey of nurses, 72 percent said that EHR implementation led to fewer errors and increased patient safety. Mobile data transmission enters information once, rather than multiple times, allowing for quicker and more accurate information. This will ultimately lead to streamlined workflows, greater productivity and improved overall patient care.

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Imaging and mobility
For specialized medical practices that utilize a lot of imaging, like ophthalmology, having access to visual medical information in a timely manner is critical. However, repeatedly printing X-ray imaging and other information can be costly. Mobile data sharing provides a faster and cheaper alternative for distributing medical images, which can make a significant difference in quality of patient care.

The difference between doctors and the quality of their patient care comes down to a number of factors, and most importantly, information flow. With EHR implementation designed to take care of mobile platform outcomes, better patient outcomes can be achieved in record time. By pushing forward into the new direction of medical care with high quality information, it is possible to help a greater number of patients in a timely manner, while also reducing costs. After all, the costs for print medical charts and imaging can quickly add up -- further adding to the tangible benefits that an EHR and mobility can have on a medical organization over time.

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