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Gen Z’s Aesthetics Obsession and Your Practice

By: Robin Ntoh | January 19th, 2024

Gen Z’s Aesthetics Obsession and Your Practice Blog Feature

When deciding which of the five generations of aesthetics patients would be most receptive to your marketing, the youngest one may not be the obvious choice. But thanks to TikTok trends and the normalization of aesthetic procedures by celebrities and influencers, Generation Z is obsessed with all manner of cosmetic treatments.  

What Are the 5 Generations of Aesthetics Patients? 

  • The Silent Generation 
  • Baby Boomers 
  • Generation X 
  • Millennials 
  • Gen Z 

Generation Z’s preferred treatments, communication style, and ideal practice experience differ from patients walking into your office from the four other generations. To ensure your practice can take advantage of Gen Z’s plastic surgery obsession, there are a few marketing guidelines, treatment preferences, and communication tips to keep in mind.  

Who Is Gen Z? 

Also called “zoomers,” Generation Z was born between 1996 and 2012. Since these patients are quite young (potentially even teenagers), their generational identity is still developing. But there are a few things we know about them. The TikTok generation is more entrepreneurial, technological, and depressed than previous generations. They also have the highest expectations concerning technology at a healthcare appointment.  

Gen Z’s focus on mental health, technology, and efficiency influences: 

  • Their favorite communication methods
  • What aesthetic treatments they want
  • Their preferred marketing styles
  • How they view loyalty and when they give referrals
  • Their valued provider qualifications 

‘Fire’ Aesthetic Treatments  

We’ve referenced Gen Z’s reputation as digital natives, but thanks to their love affair with plastic surgery, some media outlets also refer to them as aesthetics natives. Heavily influenced by their constant screen time, Gen Z craves the same procedures as their favorite content creators. 

Gen Z’s preferred nonsurgical procedures: 

  • Botox 
  • Lip fillers 
  • Chemical peels 

Gen Z’s favorite surgical procedures: 

  • Rhinoplasty 
  • Liposuction 
  • Breast implants 

Getting on the For You Page 

As the most diverse and technologically savvy generation, any marketing campaign for Gen Z should be digital. These youngsters prefer TikTok to Facebook and expect modern, culturally informed marketing campaigns. 

When marketing to Gen Z, here are some marketing principles that will hype them up: 

  • Social justice and technology are highly valued by this generation. Digital marketing campaigns should be culturally inclusive and designed for modern platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. 
  • Gen Z has the highest rate of depression and anxiety, with many zoomers worrying about debt and finances. Because of this, discounts and affordable pricing structures can sell them on your treatments. 
  • As digital natives, Gen Z expects an online patient portal where they can schedule appointments. They are the least likely to book an appointment if they must schedule by phone. 

Efficient and Empathetic  

Since Gen Z grew up with the internet – and almost everything they wanted – at their fingertips, they expect a fast, smooth experience in your office. In fact, many in this generation value efficient healthcare as much as a physician’s qualifications.  

Like millennials, Gen Z also emphasizes the relationship with their physician, not just a doctor’s credentials. To cultivate a strong bond with younger patients, engage with your patients and ensure your treatment options are inclusive and mentally healthy, as this generation values these two elements. 

Send It in a Text 

While calls work with older generations, Gen Z isn’t likely to pick up the phone. Instead, communicate with younger patients using email or text. Before an appointment, a helpful text  may be effective at reminding zoomers about their appointment.  

As digital natives, this generation can easily navigate online self-service options. Providing a patient portal where they can book appointments, explore treatment options, and look at documents from past visits could pique their curiosity, leading them to book more appointments and treatments in your office.  

Internet Loyalty 

Gen Z is notoriously fickle. However, some practices will boost your chances of earning zoomers’ loyalty and seeing them frequently return to your clinic: 

  • Like millennials, Gen Z prefers a strong patient-doctor connection. They are more likely to return when they feel a connection to your healthcare team. 
  • However, an efficient and technologically savvy experience is as important to them as that connection. An easy, smooth process is a must to get them back into your practice. 
  • Gen Z is entrepreneurial, meaning they like to have information readily available. A patient portal and an integrated EHR and PM system allow Gen Z to access patient files and may increase the chances of repeat visits and referring friends. 

With Gen Z, getting loyalty and referrals is a balancing act. It requires a human connection when they’re in the office and a smooth, technological experience inside and outside your practice.  

One of Five Generations 

Gen Z is just one of five generations walking through your doors. Each generation has different communication styles, familiarity with technology, and preferred treatments. The preferences between the oldest and youngest patients in your office can be so varied, that it might appear impossible to cater to everyone. 

By taking the time to understand each generation and implementing technology flexible enough to adapt to varying patient needs, you can provide experiences that will keep patients of all ages coming back. It’s time to harness the power of being a multi-generational practice. Get more information about other generations' preferences and how to become a multi-generational practice in our in-depth white paper “The 5 Generations of Aesthetics Patient Personas.” 



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