Nextech Named 2024 Best in KLAS: Ambulatory Specialty EHR


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By: Angela Myers
February 3rd, 2023

Healthcare conferences can accelerate the growth of your practice and introduce you to key people and technologies in the industry. EDGE, an immersive two-day conference for Nextech’s healthcare practices, is no exception. The conference provides workshops and sessions on how to improve your operational efficiency with the most up-to-date software and processes.

Blog Feature


By: Nextech
November 9th, 2021

Here at Nextech, we are so excited to be back in person for EDGE 2022. In fact, general registration has begun and will remain open until the very last day of 2021. This means there is still plenty of time for you to convince your boss that going to EDGE is best idea ever and that you should totally be going.


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