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[VIDEO] Talking to your staff about the ICD-10 transition

By: Nextech | April 24th, 2015

[VIDEO] Talking to your staff about the ICD-10 transition Blog Feature
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Hi there, and welcome back to the Nextech blog! Today we'll be discussing how to talk to your staff about the impending ICD-10 transition.

6 Surprising Side Effects of ICD-10: Click to Learn More As you may already know, October 1st of this year is the final implementation deadline for ICD-10. In addition to extensively testing your EHR software before this point, you'll also want to make sure you address any and all questions your staff might have. This may best be accomplished through continuing education classes, Q&A sessions or even staff retreats.

One great way to facilitate your discussion with your staff is to discuss the ways the transition will affect such aspects of the practice as medical coding, billing, record keeping and more. You may be surprised at what meaningful questions arise.

Thanks for tuning in!