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What Your Practice Needs to Know About Gen X and Aesthetics

By: Robin Ntoh | January 9th, 2024

What Your Practice Needs to Know About Gen X and Aesthetics Blog Feature

Five generations of patients will book aesthetic treatments in 2024. Beyond their interest in aesthetics, they don’t have a lot in common. Older generations want an in-person or over-the-phone experience whereas younger generations might not have a voicemail set up on their cellphone. Despite these differences, the right technologies can help your practice delight all five generations. 

What Are the 5 Generations of Aesthetics Patients? 

  • The Silent Generation 
  • Baby Boomers 
  • Generation X 
  • Millennials 
  • Gen Z 

To implement processes to serve all five, you first have to understand what sets them apart. As the generation that gets the most aesthetic treatments, Generation X is an important one to study. Here’s everything you need to know about Gen X and aesthetics, including their preferred treatments, marketing tastes, and communication style.  

Who Is Gen X? 

Some Gen Xers might argue that Enimem CDs and videogame arcades define their generation. More importantly, there’s also vital information about who they are today that aesthetic practices need to know. 

Born between 1965 and 1980, Generation X is currently at the height of their careers. They’re also raising families and managing aging parents, which can lead to a juggling act and less free time than other generations. Because of this, Gen X prefers efficient and direct medical appointments.  

Gen X also has a unique relationship with technology. They remember a time before the internet but are well-versed in technological advancements. 

Their experience with technology, values, and lack of free time influences how Gen X approaches aesthetic treatments, including: 

  • Their preferred treatment types 
  • How they respond to different marketing styles 
  • Their preferred communication styles 
  • Their perspective on medical credentials 
  • Their expectations for loyalty and retention  

Gen X’s Preferred Aesthetics Treatments 

Forty-three percent of cosmetic surgeries are performed on Gen X and millennial patients. Compared to older generations, Gen X feels more personal and professional pressure to look better. 

Gen X’s preferred nonsurgical procedures include: 

  • Botox 
  • Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra 

Gen X’s favorite surgical procedures are: 

  • Facial rejuvenation (facelifts and neck lifts) 
  • Eyelid lifts 
  • Brow lifts 

Emailing Gen X 

As we’ve discussed, Gen X is busy. They’re raising children, managing entire departments at work, and caring for aging parents. As a result, a direct marketing channel, such as email marketing, is a “rad” way to reach them — but don’t forget social media. 

When marketing to Gen X, consider: 

  • How can you make your messaging direct and quick? Gen X is often more responsive to quick messages and an even faster way to make an appointment online, pay a bill or make a deposit for a procedure. 
  • Gen Xers might’ve grown up without the internet, but they’ve become social media-savvy. Reports show 75% of Gen X is on social media, mostly Facebook and Youtube but also Instagram and TikTok. 
  • Utilize rewards programs and discounts. Since they grew up during a recession, they are frugal with their money and may choose an aesthetic practice with a discount or loyalty program over one without. 
  • While this generation likes things to be quick, they are also hesitant to change. Because of this, it’s best to have two lead collection methods: the online patient portal and a way for them to call, in case they’re looking for a more traditional method to schedule an appointment. 
  • Marketing to Gen X is a balancing act. They are not the intuitive digital natives that their younger counterparts millennials and Generation Z are, but they also prefer online communication more than older generations. When you strike the right balance, you’ll get more Gen X patients in your office. 

An Open Dialogue  

Before coming into your clinic, Gen X is likely to research treatment options, similar to the Baby Boomers. Many in this generation see appointments as a place to discuss options, not have a one-way conversation where a medical professional makes all the suggestions. When dealing with Gen X patients, you want to create a space for discussion and ask them how they feel about different treatment options.   

Gen X is also more open to alternative healthcare than older generations. So it could be a good source of additional revenue to attach a Med spa or other alternative treatment option to your practice if many of your patients are Gen Xers.   

Communicating with Gen X 

Gen X is often short on time, so keep your communication direct and over email or quick phone calls as much as possible. More complicated communication channels, such as a multi-post Instagram campaign, may be ineffective because they don’t have the time to watch five reels about your aesthetic treatments.   

For Gen X, you also want to reduce friction in the scheduling process. If Gen X has to wait a long time on the phone or an online scheduler doesn’t work correctly, they may go to a competitor with a more efficient process 

Earning Gen X Loyalty  

When they find a provider they like, Gen X will be loyal for life, especially if you offer a loyalty or rewards program. However, their fast-paced lifestyle makes them less likely to have time to refer friends. 

Because of this, focus on building out a loyalty and rewards program for Gen X. This program could include extra rewards or discounts for referrals, which might help increase how often they recommend your services to others.  

A Multi-Generational Aesthetics Practice 

Gen X is one of five generations coming into your office. Their preference for fast communication, straightforward advertising, and email marketing is not always shared by their older and younger counterparts.  

To truly become a multi-generational practice, your practice must first understand how all five generations operate. After you understand and implement the best practices for all five, you can harness the increased patient pool and revenue opportunities of being a multi-generational aesthetics practice. Get more information about other generations' preferences and how to become a multi-generational practice in our in-depth white paper “The 5 Generations of Aesthetics Patient Personas.”