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3 Tips for Building Your Yelp Reputation

By: Nextech | March 9th, 2015

3 Tips for Building Your Yelp Reputation Blog Feature
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Yelp is a popular application for crowd-sourced reviews of restaurants, retail stores and a wide array of other local businesses; however, it is also growing in prominence among healthcare providers. It utilizes a word-of-mouth approach to allow patients to give their opinions concerning patient engagement, quality of care and any other aspect of the practice, and it serves as an essential application for patients searching for everything from general practitioners to dermatology specialists.

"Yelp can be a vital tool for attracting new patients."

For small and medium-sized practices, it can be a vital tool for attracting new patients. Unfortunately, many doctors and practices still fear the effect that Yelp reviews may have on business - too many bad reviews could deter patients in the same way that a five-star report could attract visitors. However, there are ways to increase your presence on Yelp and make a positive, impactful impression on potential new patients, such as with these suggestions:

Consider Yelp a serious and essential business tool
While some providers are wary of creating social media accounts for their businesses, there's no denying that this facet of online communication is here to stay. Putting off creating a Yelp account, not to mention Twitter and Facebook, is simply putting off the inevitable. This site gives patients insight into your practice and can be the key reason a person chooses to schedule an appointment. However, practices rarely develop and apply strategies to make sure they're getting the most out of social media. This can be detrimental, as people even share their Yelp reviews on Twitter, Facebook and other Internet outlets.

When developing a game plan for managing and engaging with people on Yelp, assign specific roles to the proper members of the practice. For example, it may be the responsibility of the receptionist to check the Yelp account daily and alert the proper physician or specialist when an issue arises, just as it is his or her responsibility to send out patient appointment reminders.

Add photos and unique content to your Yelp profile
Once you create a Yelp account for your practice, you can customize it to give a more personal touch - something that many patients look for when choosing a provider. Add images of the facility, both inside and out, as well as photos of the specialists to give page visitors a more thorough view of the practice. You should also be sure to add to the text, giving a list of all specialties offered at the practice, the location, hours and contact information.

Connect with customers
A great way to show customers you care about their opinions and keep them coming back is to have two-way communication with them through Yelp. In the case of a negative review, reach out to the patient and try to resolve the issue (unsatisfied patients may be more likely to return when the provider shows a little care).

When a patient leaves a positive review, respond in the public comments section beneath the post and thank them for taking the time to comment. Not only will the user appreciate the personalized attention, but others in the Yelp community can see this conversation, leaving a good impression among potential new patients.