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A Client Portal Can Improve the Vendor/Client Relationship

By: Nextech | July 7th, 2015

A Client Portal Can Improve the Vendor/Client Relationship Blog Feature

community-portal-banner-bg.pngSelecting an EMR vendor is more than just implementing the software, it’s a relationship, too.

As a specialty physician, you want a vendor that is committed to walking alongside your practice and working together, rather than abandoning you after the sale.

There are many ways a vendor can work with their clients, but offering a robust client portal can go a long way in developing more meaningful relationships with customers.

Here are the biggest areas where a community portal for clients can help improve vendor relationships with their customers:


Much like what a patient portal can do for specialty physicians and their patients, a client portal from an EMR vendor can allow for greater engagement between the vendor and their clients as well as other users. Through features like messages boards and product suggestions that users can vote on, it gives clients a voice and an avenue to express what they like and what they don’t like in a quick, direct manner with the vendor. This kind of communication between a vendor and its users should not only provide a clearer picture of client satisfaction, but these improved interactions will likely lead to better overall offerings from the vendor in the future.


Another benefit of a comprehensive client community portal is improved support. When it comes to support, the convenience of the client is paramount. A client community portal offers clients an additional way to contact the vendor’s support team by enabling customers to comment online about their specific cases. In an industry where speed is crucial to an office’s productivity, the ability to have support cases handled online rather than through various phone calls can be vital to minimizing any disruptions software issues may have on day-to-day operations.

Keeps clients informed

An important aspect of a relationship between a vendor and a client is keeping the customer updated on relevant vendor information. Whether it’s software alerts, updates on product info or company news, updating clients on the latest healthcare or company information fosters an environment where customers can feel more knowledgeable and better involved in their relationship with the vendor.


A sign of a good vendor is one that provides clients the opportunity to educate themselves on how to effectively use the software and how to comply with government mandates, among other things. Often times, a client community portal conveniently gives customers access to various educational resources such as webinars, ICD-10 training videos, whitepapers, and user guides. The more educated and knowledgeable a client is about the product and healthcare industry, the better they can utilize the vendor’s software and receive an optimal ROI.

Thanks to improved interactions and convenient access to valuable information and updates, client community portals play a vital role in a successful vendor/customer relationship in the healthcare industry.

At the end of the day, relationships matter. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your relationship with your practice's EMR vendor today.