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Baby Boomers and the Aesthetic Treatments They Prefer

By: Robin Ntoh | December 19th, 2023

Baby Boomers and the Aesthetic Treatments They Prefer Blog Feature

Baby boomers didn’t start the fire, but they are a defining generation. Of the five generations alive today, boomers dictate much of the economy and are frequent visitors to aesthetic practices. Because of this, it’s important to understand the relationship between baby boomers and aesthetic treatment. 

What Are the 5 Generations of Aesthetics Patients? 

  • The Silent Generation 
  • Baby Boomers 
  • Generation X 
  • Millennials 
  • Gen Z 

This guide covers the baby boomers’ preferred surgical and nonsurgical treatments, communication styles, and more so that you can create an experience that delights and retains baby boomers — and has them referring their friends to your practice.  

Who Are the Baby Boomers? 

Also known as the “boomers,” this generation started a cultural revolution during the 1960s and 1970s. Since then, they have become the wealthiest generation in America and have invested heavily in certain industries, including aesthetics and plastic surgery 

Born between 1946-1964, baby boomers are retired or nearing retirement, though most still own mobile phones and expect a modern, but personalized experience in your office, as well as one where they can ask questions.  

Their values, relationship with technology, and age influence how they approach aesthetic treatment, including their preferred:  

  • Treatment types 
  • Communication styles 
  • Marketing tastes 
  • Relationship with a physician  
  • Loyalty level 

Forever Young Aesthetics Treatments 

A quarter of all plastic surgery procedures are performed on baby boomers. Following the lead of celebrities such as Jane Fonda, this generation seeks out procedures to age gracefully. 

Boomers’ favorite nonsurgical procedures: 

  • Botox 
  • Fillers 

Boomers’ preferred surgical procedures: 

  • Liposuction 
  • Hair transplantation 
  • Breast augmentation 

I Saw It On Facebook 

“Ok boomer,” is a common insult by younger generations who perceive boomers as out-of-touch with technology. In reality, over two-thirds of boomers have a smartphone and six in ten are on social media. Their preferred platform is often Facebook, though they’re no strangers to Instagram and YouTube.  

When you market your services to them, consider these strategies: 

  • Use Facebook ads and make sure you have a Facebook page where boomer patients can write reviews after their appointments. 
  • Since they make decisions from online research and word-of-mouth recommendations, it’s important to have both a digital marketing strategy and a referral strategy targeted at this generation. 
  • While they are technologically adept, many prefer to speak to someone on the telephone before making an appointment. Make sure to keep the human touch in your lead generation process. 

The Researchers 

While boomers value your medical qualifications, rebellion is in their blood. Boomers are likely to research treatment options before coming to an appointment and prefer an open dialogue where they can discuss options candidly with you and your staff.  

Allowing boomers to express their opinions ensures they feel comfortable in your practice and builds good patient-physician rapport. However, at the end of the day, boomers respect physician credentials and often listen to their healthcare providers’ opinions.  

Communicating with Baby Boomers 

Boomers often prefer to have plenty of communication options. Some want to email while others prefer to call and book an appointment. Because of this, a mixture of technology-heavy communication, such as email reminders about appointments, and old-school communication methods, like phone calls, will go a long way.  

Usually, boomers are less interested in using an online patient portal than younger generations. To make the booking process easier, your practice should provide a number they can call to book appointments as well as an online booking option. With the right practice management solution, your team can quickly input appointments booked via phone into a patient portal. 

Earning Boomer Loyalty  

When boomers have a good experience in an aesthetic practice, they are likely to return and refer friends. Boomers value loyalty and will give it in return. They also like to leave reviews of services they enjoy. Be sure to provide an outlet for suggestions, comments and feedback. Consider this vitally important or otherwise you may see your boomer patients leaving negative comments on rating sites.  

If you’re looking to boost your reviews on Google or Facebook, be sure to suggest it to happy boomer patients as they leave the office. Remember convenience is key, so it may be a good idea to also send an email follow-up with the link to your Google Business page or Facebook page, inviting them to write a review.  

A Multi-Generational Aesthetic Practice 

Baby boomers are one of five generations actively participating in aesthetic treatments. While these generations share a common interest, they differ greatly when it comes to preferred treatments, marketing tastes, and communication styles. While it might seem challenging to try and cater to all five, it is possible — and rewarding — with the right technologies and strategies in place. 

Get more information about other generations' preferences and how to become a multi-generational practice in our in-depth white paper “The 5 Generations of Aesthetics Patient Personas.” Once you’re a multi-generational practice, you can enjoy a larger patient pool, more revenue-generating opportunities, and rave reviews from patients of all ages.