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Best Practices for Charting on the iPad

By: Nextech | March 25th, 2015

Best Practices for Charting on the iPad Blog Feature
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Advancements in technology have made mobility possible in the clinic, and it goes well beyond the use of smartphones for sending patient appointment reminders. With tablet computers, physicians and specialists can access patient records anyplace and any time and walk from room to room while continuously charting. Along with enhancing convenience, it promotes patient engagement and can improve workflow.

Doctors can use tablets equipped with EMR software to increase <a  data-cke-saved-href=Doctors can use tablets equipped with EMR software to increase patient engagement while increasing productivity.

Health care providers should be especially mindful when harnessing the powerful tool of mobility. Consider these best practices for charting on your tablet:

  • Be aware of your body language: When using an iPad for charting purposes, make sure not to allow yourself to be absorbed by the device - it's all too easy to stare down at the screen and neglect eye contact with the patient. Be mindful to face the patient, maintain eye contact while speaking and continue talking even when looking down at your device to avoid lengthy, uncomfortable silence. Additionally, avoid looking down at the iPad when entering the room, and remember to give the patient a pleasant greeting and goodbye. 
  • Let the patient view the iPad: You can easily enhance engagement by letting the patient see what you're doing on the screen. This can allow for a more in-depth understanding of the care process and gives them the chance to ask questions about their electronic medical records. Doing so can provide a great sense of involvement and satisfaction.
  • Choose the right iPad EMR for the role: Not all iPad EMRs are created equal. Many may be developed with the general practitioner in mind, but specialists may need more specialized software. Nextech offers an iPad application geared toward specialties such as dermatology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery.

"Nextech's iPad application is a secure, powerful and HIPAA-compliant tool."

​Nextech's iPad application allows health care providers to take their charts anywhere they're needed. It's a secure and powerful tool that is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. With this tool, providers can view the dashboard for a fast and easy clinical preview, flip through photos and patient visits, and dictate directly into charts.

With Nextech's iPad application and these suggestions for best practice, you can utilize tablets to boost patient engagement and improve productivity in your clinical practice.