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Building an Effective Specialty Practice Marketing Program

Posted On 06/04/2019 by Wyn Partington

Marketing blogIn today's consumer-driven healthcare marketplace, specialty practices must do more than just treat patients. By promoting practice expertise in the community, setting yourself apart from competitors and clearly articulating how well you meet customer needs, you can create a marketing strategy that allows your practice to reach new heights. 

Interested in creating a defined plan for how to communicate about your practice, what information to share and what channels to use?

First things first, designate appropriate resources. Although it's not necessary to hire someone solely for the purpose of leading a marketing initiative, practices should consider tapping an individual or group of people to take ownership of the marketing efforts. 

Click the image below to read more steps to creating the perfect marketing strategy for your practice. 

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Topics Practice Management, Best Practices, Marketing, Client Success

Wyn Partington

Chief Marketing Officer at Nextech