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Does Your Med Spa Software Have These Pretty, Powerful Features?

By: Tom Robinette | February 13th, 2024

Does Your Med Spa Software Have These Pretty, Powerful Features? Blog Feature

The med spa industry is so hot an extra long cold therapy session wouldn't cool it off.  

The "U.S. Medical Spas Industry" report from Marketdata takes a deep dive into the $17.5 billion business of medical spas. The data shows industry revenues have more than tripled in just over 10 years and there are now nearly 9,000 med spas operating in the U.S. And a recent McKinsey report on medical aesthetics projects the market to maintain near double-digit growth through 2025. 

So, whether you've been in the med spa business for years, are looking to add an aesthetics component to your existing specialty practice, or you're a med spa entrepreneur, can you stand the heat of an industry on fire? A great way to make sure you don't crash and burn is to invest in cutting-edge software built for med spa and aesthetics. When researching solutions to add to your tech stack or to start fresh with, here's what you should be looking for:  


Top-Notch Photo Management  

The ability to consistently capture and quickly access stunning, full-resolution images is an absolute must. The right technology makes it simple regardless of your photography acumen. Consultations convert to more bookings when you can easily showcase your clients' transformation journeys.  


Treatment Option Showcase  

Seeing is believing — and tempting. Highest quality photography tools maximize the benefits of client photography by making communication to clients about all their options clear and simple with imaging and drawing tools. Consider a solution that offers a virtual consultation tool for secure upload of photos in real time.  


Smooth, Intuitive Interface 

Access to all the tools you need should be at your fingertips within one sleek interface. You'll spend less time clicking through tabs and switching apps, and more time engaging with clients.  


Automated Online Scheduling  

Online scheduling takes the hassle out of setting appointments and helps reduce no-shows. Look for features such as book-and-hold functionality, auto-sending multiple reminders, and one-click rebooking.  


Frictionless Check-In and Checkout 

You can reduce client wait times and simultaneously give them a more personalized experience with technology that streamlines the check-in/out process — especially if there's an option for clients to complete forms prior to their visit. 


Immersive Client Education  

Exceptional client education puts minds at ease and highlights expertise. Find a solution that allows you to stream educational playlists in your front office and consultation room and deliver client-specific treatment options via push notifications.  


POS Built for Recurring Revenue 

Your point-of-sale system should be ready at any time during client interactions and anywhere in your facility. This will allow you to conveniently quote customized treatment packages, accept payments for memberships, services, and tips, and seamlessly integrate product upsells during consultations.   


Simplified Billing & Payment 

Your technology should help you get cash in the door quicker than ever by offering multiple payment options, including patient financing; for example, with CareCredit. The ability to add surcharges can get merchant costs and credit card processing fees under control and increase your profits.  


The med spa industry is primed for growth, and your business can be too now that you know what to look for in a software solution. Nextech Med Spa offers end-to-end visibility and management capabilities to streamline workflows, enhance client/patient experiences, and empower business growth. Learn more about what makes Nextech Med Spa pretty, powerful today! 



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