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Enhancing physician-patient interaction through mobility [Video]

By: Brian Gennusa | September 8th, 2015

Enhancing physician-patient interaction through mobility [Video] Blog Feature
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A 2014 HIMSS study showed that more than two-thirds of clinicians use smartphones or tablets at their facilities. Mobile devices will only become increasingly common in health care, and if used right, they can improve the way doctors interact with patients.

Mobility allows providers to access patient information anytime, anywhere. That means a physician can quickly and efficiently view charts from a device, allowing for more time for face-to-face interaction with the patient.

An iPad can also be used to pull up photos and 3-D images during the visit, allowing the patient and provider to look over and discuss these images together. This increased interaction and collaboration makes for a more informative and satisfying visit and, in the long-term, may lead to more engaged patients.