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How Nextech Payments Improves Efficiency and Saves Practices Time

By: Angela Myers | December 1st, 2022

How Nextech Payments Improves Efficiency and Saves Practices Time Blog Feature

Little changes can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to your healthcare practice’s finances. A small change you might not have considered is switching to a more efficient and cost-effective payment processing system.  

Each day, thousands of ophthalmology and plastic surgery practices across the country lose time and money because of a poor payment processing system and lack of integration between finances and business operations. Practices that switch to Nextech Payments aren’t in that group because of the seamless integration between operations and finance. But don’t just take our word for it — here are some real-world experiences of clients who have made the switch. 

Seamless integration with your EHR and PM Tools  

Many plastic surgery and ophthalmology offices use two different providers which don’t integrate: one for storing their electronic health records (EHR) and practice management (PM) information and the other for processing payments.  

When two separate systems are used with no integration, the administrative team must manually shift details over to the payment processor and processing fees are usually higher — this creates yet another time-consuming step. Your finances become separate Basically, your finances become a separate entity from other business operations, costing your practice time and money. 

Few choices allow you to have more time and money–switching to Nextech Payments has been one of those decisions for many practices because it seamlessly integrates operations and finance.  

Since switching to Nextech Payments, Greater Ohio Eye Surgeons’ administrative team now spends five to seven hours less each week on payment processing and bookkeeping. Their finances are seamlessly integrated with Nextech’s business operation tools, meaning their team no longer has to manually enter patient payment details. Bills are automatically processed based on the data in their EHR and PM system and processing fees are lower than with their old system. 

Free up administrative time 

Because Nextech’s payment system is automatically connected with your PM and EHR systems, you can auto-populate patient details on bills instead of manually entering data into two systems. This seamless integration between billing and other business operations frees up precious administrative time for practices across the United States.  

Modern Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, for example, saw significant time and money savings within the first month of using Nextech Payments.  

And this isn’t an exception to the rule–it’s a benefit experienced by many practices who have switched to Nextech Payments: 

  • North Texas Plastic Surgery now takes 35 minutes for a month of reconciliations, which is how long a day of reconciliations took with their old system.  
  • Short Hills Ophthalmology now has room for six more appointments each day because of the time saved with Nextech Payments. 
  • Southwest Eye now saves 3 minutes and 47 seconds of administrative time per patient. 

Nextech reduces your team’s time in accounts receivable, allowing more space for valuable operational tasks, like contacting leads and ensuring you’re providing the best patient care possible.  

Enhance patient care and payment processing 

You didn’t enter the medical field because you love finance and operations–you decided to become a medical practitioner to change patients’ lives. When payment processing is easier, the patient experience is improved, and you have more time to focus on why you started your practice in the first place. 

Some of the ways Nextech makes the patient experience better include: 

  • As a cloud-based system, Nextech Payments has wireless and tap-to-pay options, giving patients more payment methods to choose from.  
  • Nextech can reduce checkout time from two minutes to one minute, giving patients more time to discuss their healthcare needs and/or shortening their total time in office. 
  • Thanks to Nextech’s security-first design and powerful encryption method, your patients’ payment data is safer than with many other systems.  
  • You can set up recurring payments, payment plans, and subscriptions to save your patients–and your administrative team–time.  

When patients walk into your office, they’ll no longer have to figure out how payments work. Instead, they can focus on what really matters: getting the care they need to live a long and fulfilling life. 

Optimize your financial strategy 

Nextech doesn’t just save you money (though that is a benefit thanks to lower processing fees and no hardware costs). It also gives you the space to optimize your financial strategy.  

With Nextech, your team can evaluate financial performance quickly because all your data is in one place. Not only that, but Nextech can create financial reports for you–and with that time your team used to spend manually creating reports, your practice can now think through your financial strategy more intentionally.  

With other payment processing systems, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers. Your team can feel frazzled and confused as they try to balance the budget, do monthly bookkeeping, and efficiently complete other financial tasks.   

With Nextech payments, that frazzled energy evaporates. With a clearer head and the space to think through a financial strategy, your practice can focus on the bigger picture and where you’re going, not where you’ve been. 

Whether you want to transform your big-picture strategy, free up time in your day-to-day operations, or experience both, Nextech Payments can be your solution. Curious how Nextech Payments can transform your practice? Schedule a free demo.