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Technology Can Help Improve the Patient Experience

By: Nextech | December 1st, 2023

Technology Can Help Improve the Patient Experience Blog Feature

Technology has advanced at an accelerated speed over the past 20 years. The internet powered up in 1983, in 1992 we saw the first smartphones, and in 1998 Google started its journey to becoming both noun and verb. And now as we witness the emergence of artificial intelligence, we can only imagine how our lives — and work — will change in the next two decades.   

Technology, when used to help make lives easier, is a good thing. This can be especially true for healthcare practices that are facing staffing challenges. Technology can be used to automate some tasks that take the team’s time away from other responsibilities that directly impact patient care and satisfaction such as connecting with patients and building relationships. See? That’s a good thing!  

Ask the Right Questions to Optimize Technology 

Technology also can help with even bigger goals when you ask the right questions. For example, healthcare practices are in the business of providing care. And care is not something that can be automated. So where can you leverage high tech to enhance the patient experience? 

Using technology for technology’s sake is not the answer. The best place to start is by asking questions like, “What technology will make my patient’s experience even better?” Would patients appreciate online scheduling or appointment confirmations by text? Would they like the option of telehealth to assess a health concern? Should new patient paperwork be available online so they can complete and submit the forms at their convenience? All of these may be welcomed by patients and save your team time.   

Technology Can Save the Team Time 

And another question to ask might be, “How can we leverage technology to save the team time and be more effective and efficient?” One easy place to start is with Nextech’s unified solution for EHR and practice management. Maybe it has functionality that you have not yet tapped into. Did you know Nextech has integrated trusted partners into the software that can help streamline patient care? For example, CareCredit is built into your software which helps your team save time and increase productivity. It also creates a simple process for you when your patients apply for the CareCredit credit card and to process transactions in your office.  

Now, you can process CareCredit payments without ever leaving the software or entering your CareCredit username and password. And when the patient pays with their CareCredit healthcare credit card, the payment is automatically recorded in the patient ledger. This streamlines the posting process and helps reduce the likelihood of human error in payment allocation. Plus, you can look up cardholder information without ever leaving your Nextech software so the information you need to have a great financial conversation with patients is right at your fingertips. That’s just one example how saving a little time in the day can free the team to focus on caring for patients. 

Technology in healthcare is not meant to replace human relationships; it is meant to be leveraged to simplify, automate, and save the team time — time they can invest in developing deep patient connections and relationships. As an added benefit, happy patients who have connected with the team may be more likely to return for ongoing care and refer friends and family.