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4 Tips to Help You Overcome Patients’ Cost Concerns

By: Nextech | June 20th, 2024

4 Tips to Help You Overcome Patients’ Cost Concerns Blog Feature

Between providing care and managing a practice, it may feel like there’s no time left to fine-tune your workflow — especially for more delicate interactions such as patient payments. Now, CareCredit and Nextech work together to help streamline those patient payments, so that you can focus on getting your patients to “yes.” Try these four strategies to help you have better cost conversations in your practice. 

1. Help ease cost concerns before they arise with early cost conversations.

Establish a positive relationship with every patient from the start by proactively sharing treatment costs and letting them know about the CareCredit health and wellness credit card. Giving them a clear cost picture up front and letting them know you offer a budget-friendly way to pay can help them move forward with care.  

2. Help them understand how cost may not have to be a barrier.

Understanding a patient’s budget is key to providing the best experience. If they’re unsure about available treatment options, they still deserve to explore all possibilities. Show them a variety of treatment options that fit within their budget and explore financing solutions such as CareCredit to help them accept your care recommendations. This can empower them to make informed decisions about their healthcare journey. 

3. Empower patients to prioritize their care.

Providing every patient with the best experience includes offering a way to help them accept your recommended care. If they delay or opt not to pursue care because of out-of-pocket costs, you can offer CareCredit to help them see that their healthiest self may be within reach. Plus, you help them leave happy knowing they can feel better and stay that way with the help of your practice. 

4. Never assume their answer will be “no.”

Don’t let imagined patient concerns hold you back from giving your best recommendation. Transparent cost conversations include offering patients every option that will help them get closer to their goals. Even if you’re not sure they’ll say yes, offering CareCredit could be the factor that makes the difference. 


Spend more time caring for patients and less time addressing cost barriers. 

When you take advantage of everything the CareCredit and Nextech partnership has to offer, you may realize numerous benefits. We help streamline administrative burdens and make it easier to transact. That way, you spend less time chasing payments and more time helping patients see the beautiful possibilities at your practice. 


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