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Staff Management | Aesthetics | podcast | wellness

By: Hannah Celian
June 26th, 2024

A new FTC rule banning non-compete agreements goes into effect this September. While this rule might be better for workers, it raises new questions for practice owners about hiring and retaining valuable staff. With Nextech VP of Aesthetics Robin Ntoh and two of the aesthetic industry’s most experienced practice management consultants, Amy Anderson and Mara Shorr, we look closely at the reasons someone might think the grass is greener somewhere else and discuss what really motivates a valuable team member to stay.

Blog Feature

Aesthetics | podcast | wellness

By: Hannah Celian
June 12th, 2024

The best brands don’t just keep up, they lead the way. But building a brand isn’t what you think it is. Kaeli Lindholm talks with Tyler Terry about what’s required to build a brand that truly resonates and succeeds in the ultra-competitive medical aesthetics space. Hear Kaeli’s insights on the future of the medaesthetic industry, from integrating wellness to leveraging new technologies and how she’s approaching issues that specifically impact female entrepreneurs.


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Blog Feature

MedSpa | Aesthetics | podcast | wellness | weight loss

By: Hannah Celian
May 8th, 2024

With any hot new treatment, speed is everything. Getting started is not easy, however, and requires strategic planning. Judy Kozlicki, director of medical aesthetics at Skytale Group, rode a rocket ship of growth during her tenure with Lifetime Fitness leading the nationwide expansion into medical spas. From this experience, Judy shares how to fit wellness into aesthetics and shares secrets from successful weight loss programs to help set your practice apart from competitors.