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[VIDEO] Steps to improve and increase patient portal use

By: Nextech | April 9th, 2015

[VIDEO] Steps to improve and increase patient portal use Blog Feature
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Hello, and welcome to the Nextech blog! Today we will be speaking about how to improve and increase use of your patient portal.

First and foremost, Medical Practice Insider reports that you'll need to make sure that your patients are aware of the patient portal and how to use it. While they may not know the ins and outs of electronic medical records, you should take some time out of their next visit to introduce them to the concept and field any initial questions. Physicians could spend a couple of extra minutes with patients to educate them on benefits of a patient portal and answer their questions. It might also be helpful to have a portal kiosk on site where they can set up their account while they wait.

You may also want to try adding notifications in unlikely spots. For example, The Advisory Board Company states you can replace your old hold music or message with a recording directing patients to the online portal. They can get their questions answered and you can boost portal use.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to tune in next time!