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How to Code the Zika Virus in ICD-10

Posted by Nathan Brown on 02/09/2016
If you’ve been paying attention to current events these days, you’re likely already aware of the Zika virus outbreak that’s hitting the Americas.  Cases of Zika are now beginning to pop up in North America, which has prompted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to order their Emergency Operations Center to assume a Level 1 activation status (its highest level), in preparation for a possible ... Read More

Cloud Hosting & SaaS Solutions Remove Humans from Data Security Equation

Posted by Nathan Brown on 02/05/2016
In our last blog article, we took a look at how human behavior is the most frequently encountered threat to data security.  So, what to do?  You can’t have 100 percent control over every problematic aspect of human behavior, after all. However, there are some ways for you to simply remove the human element from your data security equation, such as purchasing a private, HIPAA compliant Cloud or ... Read More

Humans: Biggest Threat to Data Security…Ever

Posted by Nathan Brown on 02/04/2016
Last week, health plan provider Centene disclosed that they had lost track of six hard drives containing the private information of roughly 950,000 individuals.  These records contained details such as names, addresses, dates of birth, member ID numbers, private health information (PHI), and Social Security Numbers. Luckily (if you can call it that), at least they did not contain any financial or ... Read More

Report: Ambulatory EHR market to grow 30 percent by 2020

Posted by Drew Laing on 02/02/2016
The future appears to be bright the ambulatory EHR market.. According to Frost & Sullivan's US Ambulatory Electronic Health Record Market: 2015-2020 report, the ambulatory EHR market is expected to grow by a whopping 30 percent throughout the next five years, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.3 percent. This projection comes after prior mass expansion of the market due to ... Read More

Forbes: Healthcare Technology Predicted as Most Profitable Industry in 2016

Posted by Drew Laing on 01/27/2016
Ever since the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was introduced in 2009, the healthcare industry has placed an enormous priority on implementing more electronic software in clinics. Read More