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Avoiding Practice Growing Pains

By: Nextech | May 3rd, 2019

Avoiding Practice Growing Pains Blog Feature

When specialty practices expand their operations, they often run into challenges as they work to capture market share, bring in new physicians and increase revenue. The most successful organizations do some upfront planning as part of their expansion strategies to anticipate and address possible hiccups. Here are three tactics to keep in mind during planning to sidestep common growing pains.

Personalize the electronic medical record

When designed well, an electronic medical record (EMR) can be an essential tool in streamlining the clinical appointment, capturing the necessary information to yield complete, timely reimbursement. Specialized EMRs offer the most relevant information that speeds comprehensive documentation in addition to reporting. Going a step further, when these tools are tailored to a practice’s specific workflow, providers can breeze through charting and have more time to communicate with patients. Moreover, new providers can easily learn a system that follows specialist work patterns, allowing your practice to avoid any slowdowns as new hires spin up on the system.

Fully leverage marketing tools

To effectively grow a business, you need more than just a commitment to expand operations. You also need regular, reliable processes to attract and retain patients. By using approachable marketing tools embedded in the EMR, your practice can easily spread the word about upcoming promotions, events and special offerings that could draw in new patients or prompt current ones to make an appointment. Note that the most effective marketing tools allow you to track the performance of any marketing communications, letting you see which strategies generate the strongest return on investment.

Engage professional services

As your organization evolves, staff may have questions about how best to use technology to avoid care delays and minimize reimbursement issues. They also may have questions about reporting or how to leverage practice data to elevate performance. By partnering with an outside expert to optimize the way your practice uses technology, you can enhance team knowledge. Simultaneously, your team can ease frustration as staff no longer have to figure out things on their own, but instead can rely on a resource that is knowledgeable about best practices and can help implement them.

By working with such resources, your practice can improve the patient visit, streamline charting, reduce denials and ensure accurate patient billing. All of these efforts can enable greater efficiency, reduce costs and increase patient satisfaction—key elements to avoid growing pains to encourage practice growth.

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