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Meaningful Use: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions (Part IV)

By: Samantha McAlister | November 25th, 2015

Meaningful Use: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions (Part IV) Blog Feature

Last week we held a webinar designed to assist your practice in its Meaningful Use attestation process.

Unsurprisingly, many of you had several questions regarding Meaningful Use as we understand that this can be a complicated process. To help make your attestation process easier, we've answered the most frequently asked Meaningful Use questions and have split it up into a four-part series.

Our hope is that this can be a resource for your practice moving forward in your Meaningful Use attestation, no matter which stage you're currently at.Male_and_Female_Doctor_with_Ipad

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Meaningful Use FAQ Part IV

  1. Is there a webinar that discusses each measure of the Modified Stage 2 Objectives?
    • Yes. It is called: MU: Modified Stage 2 Objectives & Troubleshooting your Report. It can be accessed on the Community Portal under the Product Education tab.
  2. I have always reported PQRS through the AAD Registry. How do we convert to direct EHR Reporting?
    • Registry reporting is very popular for dermatologists, but the Direct EHR method is a lot easier and still keeps you compliant. If you haven’t already paid for the registry to report for 2015, you can opt to report through the Direct EHR method just by registering with the Quality Net Portal. You’ve missed the deadline for group reporting, however you can report your providers individually if you’re in a multi-doctor practice.
  3. What are the dates that the attestation website will be available?
    • The attestation website is open from January 4th through February 29th, 2016
  4. For the influenza immunization measure, if we do not give them, do we have to report it?
    • The measure isn’t asking if you administer the vaccine, it wants you to ask your patients if they have received the vaccine. If this isn’t relevant to the scope of your practice, you don’t have to do it.
  5. When I ran my PQRI report for the recommended measures, I got a lot of zeros. Should I panic?
    • The requirement for Direct EHR reporting to be compliant is 9 measures across 3 domains – each have to have a denominator and you need at least 1 with a performance rate greater than 0%. If you are seeing a lot of 0’s in the numerator, that is normal, but each measure has to have a denominator.
  6. What version do I need on for attestation?
    • 11608 or higher
  7. I keep getting an error when I try to look up the LOINC code for the smoking item.
    • If you don’t have a UMLS account, the system will not allow you to look up SNOMED or LOINC codes. To register for an account, please go to Tools > UMLS Settings > Click on the blue link “do you need to make an account?” > fill out the appropriate fields. Once you’ve registered you will get an email right away – you will need to follow the instructions in that email to authenticate your request and then 24-48 hours later, they will email you again confirming your account. When that it done, you can put your Username and Password into Nextech (Tools > UMLS Settings) and then try adding the code again.
  8. In the history tab of any patient, what did you click to open to PracStation?
    • Click on Open Default Folder and then in the file path on the top, click on PracStation
  9. Do you only attest once per MU Stage 1 and II?
    • You have to attest for Meaningful Use every year. And a reminder that every one is attesting to Modified Stage 2 Objectives until 2018 when Stage 3 will begin.
  10. Is Nextech capable of reporting all of the Dermatology specific measures and report actual numbers and not zeros?
    • You are referring to PQRS – the Dermatology specific measures cannot be reported via the Direct EHR reporting method at all, that isn’t just limited to Nextech. If you want to report on Dermatology specific measures, you will have to choose a different reporting method, such as registry reporting through the AAD.
  11. Can you exclude secondary providers from the Meaningful Use Report?
    • Yes, there is a checkbox to the right of the provider field when you run the report that allows you to exclude secondary providers.
  12. When our IT created the security risk analysis, what do we do with it? Will is just be a question on the attestation or do we send it somewhere?
    • During the attestation, the Security Risk Analysis objective is a yes/no. If you are audited, however, you will have to supply the document and it has to have been completed during the reporting period that you are being audited for.

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