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Merely surviving compliance mandates? Learn how to thrive

By: Samantha McAlister | May 8th, 2015

Merely surviving compliance mandates? Learn how to thrive Blog Feature
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The healthcare industry is in a state of transformation. Providers have a lot to think about in terms of government mandates, from HIPAA compliance to meaningful use requirements to the ICD-10 transition to continuously updating Physician Quality Reporting System measures. Meeting the basic requirements to comply with healthcare IT mandates may be good enough for some, but the truly successful practices will strive to go above and beyond. Consider some of these suggestions for not only complying, but thriving, in the face of evolving healthcare mandates:

Utilize the best tools for your practice
New and changing regulations in healthcare require updated technology. However, not all IT solutions are the same, and no single tool is the best for every specialty. When integrating new technology into your practice, it's wise to consider how such tools can go beyond compliance and help you improve various clinical and administrative processes.

That's why Nextech offers specialty-specific tools, including software designed for ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and dermatology. Nextech's EMR and practice management solutions are fully compliant and address issues related a specialist's needs, such as slow documentation and dictation time as well as patient ID matching. Nextech's robust solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual doctor based on how they practice medicine. 

Utilizing the right IT tools for your specialty can help your practice go beyond compliance and thrive in the health care industry.Utilizing the right IT tools for your specialty can help your practice go beyond compliance and thrive in the healthcare industry.

Seek help during implementation
Smaller, specialized practices often do not have the personnel resources to ensure complete compliance, let alone go beyond compliance to make the most out of new regulations. In such cases, third-party vendors may be utilized to fully harness new technology and thrive in the increasingly competitive industry. Nextech does more than provide specialized solutions in line with new mandates, it provides implementation assistance, ongoing support and other services aimed at thriving through meaningful use, PQRS, and the ICD-10 transition.

"Meaningful use, the ICD-10 transition and other mandates require proper training."

Provide comprehensive training to all personnel
Meaningful use, the ICD-10 transition and other mandates require proper training. Annual training programs can ensure all staff understand the new regulations and how to implement them, and online continuing education courses can help keep them up to date in the meantime. You may also want to look to your vendor for additional training to help your personnel get the most out of the new technologies being implemented.

Nextech's team of experienced professionals help properly and comprehensively train your staff by analyzing the specialized, unique aspects of your practice, including current workflow processes, hardware and practice management software. For the move to ICD-10, Nextech will work with your practice to have all software upgraded and staff fully trained in the new coding system before the October 2015 deadline. Additionally, Nextech can provide EHR training to help you meet meaningful use requirements and strive to go beyond compliance to truly utilize patient information in a way that improves care quality, clinical processes and the general state of the nation's healthcare system.