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EHR Satisfaction Linked to Quality of Training

By: Samantha McAlister | May 6th, 2021

EHR Satisfaction Linked to Quality of Training Blog Feature

Oftentimes, when we are struggling to use technology, there is a natural human tendency to blame the application. But there is an old saying that “A good craftsmen never blames his tools.” Why is that? Because a good craftsman has trained diligently to be skilled in his work, so he knows how to use his tools properly. The same also applies to EHR satisfaction. In this blog, we will take a look at the correlation between quality training and EHR satisfaction.

Training is a Key Factor in EHR Satisfaction (or Dissatisfaction)

According to a KLAS survey on “Achieving EHR Satisfaction in Any Specialty,” which used input from over 30,000 physicians, top-tier training is heavily tied to a practice’s satisfaction with its EHR system. This survey examined the EHR Experience Score from practices in 33 separate specialties. They found that scores varied wildly from one specialty to another, as well as from one physician to another in the same specialty who used the same EHR. For example, the KLAS survey identified 475 incidents where two physicians who were in the same specialty and using the same EHR solution at the same practice or organization reported significantly different levels of EHR satisfaction.

This poses the question—What was the key factor between these physicians with such widely different scores? Simply put… training. In 89 percent of these 475 cases, the physicians who strongly agreed that they were satisfied with their EHR system also reported that they received high-quality training, were involved in more training efforts and/or spent more time setting up their EHR personalization.

A related collaborative KLAS study also found that levels of EHR satisfaction were significantly higher among physicians that had received 4 hours or more of EHR training, and significantly lower among physicians who had received less than four hours of training. In addition, researchers noted that satisfaction levels were negatively affected by the failure to properly cover the use of personalization features during an EHR training program. The study also shows that this significant deviation in EHR satisfaction scores between different specialties is actually a reflection of the varying levels of training they received.

EHR Satisfaction = High-Quality Training & a Strong Vendor Relationship

Clinicians and staff must be provided with the training they need to utilize and personalize an EHR system to their preferences, as well as to ensure they can use it confidently. However, to improve your practice’s overall EHR experience and ensure the highest possible level of satisfaction, you need not only high-quality training but also a strong relationship with your EHR vendor.

The abovementioned study found that physicians with both high and low satisfaction scores experienced positive effects to their satisfaction levels when they received additional training. No matter where a practice is with their EHR satisfaction, they can improve the situation by contacting their vendor to discuss best practices and by participating in additional training.

Maintaining a relationship with your EHR vendor by staying informed of updates will also make it easier for you to keep up with new features and other modifications that can further improve workflows or increase documentation efficiency. Without such communication, new changes can come as a surprise and may negatively affect EHR satisfaction when you and your staff don’t understand the changes that are taking place or encounter them unexpectedly.

Nextech’s five-phase approach to implementation ensures that our clients have the training, skills and customization they need for an excellent user experience. To learn how Nextech’s team of experts can help you and your staff develop best practices for EHR satisfaction,  fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you!